I miss my Husband: Escaped Chibok Girl: Amina Ali

One of the only verified escapee from the dreaded, callous terrorist group in Northern Nigeria Amina Ali,  was reportedly quoted as saying she misses her husband.  
You would recall that shortly after her escape in company of her supposedly husband,  she was immediately transfered to a health Centre where she was taken care of and the husband, identified only as Mohammed Hayatu at the time of their escape, told a witness that he too was kidnapped by Boko Haram. He was placed in military detention for interrogation by Nigeria's joint intelligence center.
Amina was quoted by CNN as saying "I'm not comfortable with the way I'm being kept from him,. 
She also confirmed our earlier report that a couple of the abducted 276 Chibok Secondary School Girls were killed in the ongoing coordinated air strikes, about a year ago. Her statements comes two days after the terrorist group released a grisly video showing the dead bodies of young women, taken in the aftermath of what Boko Haram says was a Nigerian airstrike

Video source : cnn.com

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