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Ethno-Religious Cleansing Of Federal University Dutsinma, Katsina State By Olufemi Opeyemi

The way the Vice Chancellors were selected for the twelve new Nigerian universities that were established about six years ago was something unprecedented in the history of university administration--and it was also widely condemned. The new Vice Chancellor for one of the universities, Federal University, Dutsinma, Professor Haruna Kaita, was appointed in February 2016. The normal process for appointment of Vice Chancellors is first to advertise the vacancy. Qualified and shortlisted candidates are then screened by a Council Committee, which sends the three recommended candidates to the general council.The Council then ratifies the committee recommendation and the list is then forwarded to the President for the appointment of one of the three. This process was not adhered to.In the case of Federal University Dutsinma, the appointment was made straight from Abuja without due process. Commenting on the anomaly, President Muhammed Buhari, said the government would make amends, but the dub…

Kaduna State Governor Pays Courtesy Visit to IGP

Courtesy visit to the Inspector General of Police by the Kaduna State Governor.
The Kaduna State Governor, His Excellency Honorable Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai paid courtesy visit to the Inspector General of Police, Ag. IGP Ibrahim K. Idris, mni, psc, in his office at the Nigeria Police Force Headquarters, Abuja on 1st September, 2016