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See why marrying the wrong person is deadly.

Whoever coined the adage "marriage is not a bed of roses" should have exaggerated it a bit more so as to cover for the wickedness meted out on Mrs. Olachi Glory Emmanuel, who did nothing wrong but,  getting married to the wrong person,  A perfect example of another adage: "all that glitters are not gold".  The beautiful 24 year old lady got married two years ago to a beast in form of a man,  who ended her hopes and dreams of life. She was beaten by her "HUSBAND", Injured terribly and confined to using clutches to support her movement. The only solace she could find, was to returned to her biological mother as that was the only source of consolation.  Not for once did the Oil and Gas worker of a husband visit her,  neither did he show concern for their little daughter who would be 1year old tomorrow. Weeks passed and the injury materialized into her being admitted in the hospital and she went into coma caused by the trauma of the assault from her hubby.  …