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Runaway Bride in Eket, Akwa-Ibom State

The worst that can happen to a groom is to have a runaway bride.  A situation where a bride refuses to go ahead with the wedding  after spending so much on the traditional marriage and paying the ever increasing Nigerian bride price. Such was the tragedy that befell Mr. Pius Eku of Edet,  in Akwa-Ibom State when his wife ran away from the Church as they were about being joined as man and wifeThe bride (name withheld) decided not to go ahead with the Church wedding citing lies as an excuse, she decided to ditch him on the last minute because she looked into the programme and confirmed her fears that her husband to be isn't really a Mobil Staff as he claimed to be. All efforts in pacifying her to return and complete the process of marriage proved futile as she was adamant on not continuing with the whole marriage show. Her family members have since issued a statement saying they are shocked by the whole situation,  but apologized and promised to resolve the issue with the groom'…