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Explosion And Fire Rock Shell Facility In Ogoniland

Celestine Akpobari, an environmental activist who visited the site, said the inferno occurred just a few meters away from a military surveillance post.A trunk line carrying crude oil in the Goi community in the Ogoniland area of Rivers State became engulfed in dark plums of smoke and flames on Monday morning. The trunk line belongs to the Shell Petroleum Development Company.Celestine Akpobari, an environmental activist who visited the site, said the inferno occurred just a few meters away from a military surveillance post. According to her, the fire immediately followed the sound of an eruption affecting the Agbada/Bomu trunk line."Goi, another Ogoni community, is on fire this early morning from an eruption on the 28-inch Agbada/Bomu trunkline belonging to Shell, which is just a few meters from the surveillance post," she told our correspondent."The first eruption which led to a serious fire outbreak occurred in the same community last July 10, 2016, leading to a comple…

An Open Letter To Militants from Niger Delta

For once  we the people of Niger Delta have to think outside politics. We all see things from different angles and different view. my view might be foolish but can go a long way if we try put it to work. Africa has become the world’s business destination as God has truly blessed Africa with quad-trillions investment opportunity. That multi-billionaires have set Billions of Dollars to come invest in Africa. Last week Japan set $200 Billion Dollars aside to come to invest in Africa. The US has set $300 Billion aside for Africa investment, other countries like China, UAE, India, UK, Germany, Italy and many more have all set billions aside to come invest in Africa and they are rushing in their numbers to get this opportunity to take over the African market. Millions of individuals like Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros and many more have all set Billions aside to come invest in Africa this was why Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria because the treasure of Africa is in Nigeria. Nigeri…

Asari Dokubo Not Dead - IYC

The Ijaw Youth Council has dismissed the rumoured attack by military personnel on Alhaji Asari Dokubo, founder of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF). There were widespread rumours of Asari being killed in an alleged confrontation with soldiers on Saturday morning.But in a statement by the spokesman for IYC, Eric Omare, on Saturday said the former militant warlord was in good health and there was never a confrontation between him and military men. IYC, an umbrella body for Ijaw youths, also called for the immediate withdrawal of troops from the region particularly the creeks of the Niger Delta following the recent ceasefire deal reached with militant youths and stakeholders in the region. The group stated that there was no reason for military deployment in the region, adding that such was already causing tension and fear among people in the region.