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Lead Terror Suspect: Ahmed Khan Rahami Arrested In New Jersey Following Shootout With Police

Lead suspect of the recent bomb attacks in New York City and New Jersey has been arrested in the town of Linden, New Jersey according to reports. The terror suspect, Ahmed Khan Rahami, is now in police custody following a shootout with police according to News Channel, CNN.According to the CNN correspondent, eyewitnesses in New Jersey found that Mr. Rahami was found sleeping “in a vestibule near a bar” which precipitated a shootout with police. Mr. Rahami has been taken to the hospital in an ambulance with unconfirmed bullet wounds.Law enforcement officials have said that a tip from the public lead to locating Mr. Rahami eventually leading to his arrest.Police are investigating Mr. Rahami’s connection to the detonation of a bomb in the Chelsea area of New York City, another unexploded pressure cooker bomb in Chelsea, and a pipe bomb in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Other reports have stated that Mr. Rahami may be part of a terror cell that has been activated in the New York-New Jersey area.

A call for Biafra, How Feasible?

What these people fail to realize is the shame and ridicule the biafra movement has become ever since Nnamdi kanu was discovered to be a fraud and arrested by the Nigerian government. Right to self determination is a treasonable offense against the Nigerian state because it's not captured in our Constitution. It is totally illegal for any region or group of people to demand seccession from Nigeria. The penalty would have been death if we were in a military regime. The Indian government recently opened fire on secessionist in the Kashmir region of India just to serve as a deterrent to future agitators. Despite having a referendum, Scotland chose to remain in the UK cos they for-saw their impending doom if they decide to leave. The Spanish government have disregarded several calls for catalonia to break away from spain. Russia recently annexed crimea from Ukraine after the crimeans got tired of life outside the soviet Union. The people of South Sudan are regretting their decision t…