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Bisi Alimi shares photos with His Husband to be.

Yes it isn't a typographical error "His Husband to be" is what best we can describe Nigerian gay activist, Bisi Alimi's husband-to-be.  Though Illegal in Nigeria,  Bisi has since showed the Nigerian Government that he can only be prosecuted if he is in the country Nigeria. Bisi and Anthony, his husband-to-be have taken their love bed from America to  Italy. They are currently vacationing in Venice part of the country.The love smitten couple, who are set to tie the knot in November this year, have been documenting their getaway on Instagram to show the world how they true and passionate they are about their feelings.The gay couple obviously love smitten by each other are set to tie the know later this year in a private ceremony, have been showing off their romance,  and how they feel about each other on Instagram, truly one can only say